7 Steps To Follow Before Purchasing A Diamond Solitaire Engagement

You love her, and you wish to propose to her with a ring. Buying the perfect ring that will show just how much you love her can not only be a daunting task but also confusing and expensive.

Don’t worry, we are here to help with a few tips that will help you to get the best, cost-effective, and eye-catchingsolitaire diamond engagement rings .

Step 1: Stick To A Budget 

The price of a diamond engagement ring could vary from thousands to millions of dollars. That’s why we have a set budget based on what you could afford. We recommend quick research on jewelry outlets to help you decide the type of rings that fall within your budget.

Keep reading for additional tips on how to further reduce costs of an engagement ring, without sacrificing too much on quality. Spending 2-3 months of your salary is a good rule to use for how much to spend on an engagement ring.

Step 2: Choose A Diamond First  

A ring consists of two parts: a diamond (or stone), and a metal band. Before choosing a  metal band, you should choose a diamond first because the recommended metal band will be different with a different diamond or stone. Read more about diamond on our page ofdiamond education.

Diamonds can vary in shape (cut), size or weight (carat), color, and clarity. Each of these decisions can affect the final cost of the ring. To help you choose the perfect diamond, we’ve outlined the differences below in order to help you could select a perfect one. 

i) Different Type of Diamond Cut 

There are various types of cuts available for diamonds, including round-cut, princess, marquise, pear, etc. Each cut has a unique quality. For instance, round cut diamond is the most popular because of its affordability while maintaining its elegance and sparkle. It can also give the appearance of being bigger than it is, which is always a plus.

You can choose a princess cut that will be a little costlier than round cut  but has a more delicate shape. Other than these two, you can go for emerald, radiant, pear, marquise, and some other fancier cut.

ii) Different Diamond Carat

A carat refers to the size or weight of the diamond. Carat is the measuring unit of diamond weight, and it is standard among jewelers.

The above image gives an overview of popular size and their associate size and weight. Keep in mind that increases in carat size will have an exponential jump in price, the larger you get, especially if the color and clarity are higher quality.

If price is a concern, take a look at this previous blog post that will help you in saving money.

iii) Different Diamond Color

A colorless diamond is perfect. Chemical impurities and structural defects are the reason for the color.

Color is graded on a scale of D-Z, with D being colorless and Z being the most yellow.

You can go with colorless D-F or near colorless G-H graded diamond that will have no or least impurities.

iv) Different Diamond Clarity

Clarity is another factor that you should consider while selecting a perfect diamond. Most diamonds will have some internal and external flaws, which refers to clarity. A simple rule to follow is that if you can’t find a flaw with your naked eyes, then you could consider buying that one.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t see imperfection with your naked eye. The internal flaws, also called inclusions, can be more significant with the size. Therefore, you also should take into account the size of the diamond when considering the clarity. Clarities better than VS2 typically do not have visible inclusions.

Step 3: Now it’s Time For A Metal Band  

A metal band is an integral part of a solitaire

diamond engagement rings.

Do you want a thin or thick metal band, fancy or plain metal band, rose gold or platinum metal band? You need to make a perfect balance with your diamond and the metal band.

A ring could be more beautiful with the ideal kind of metal band. There are two things to consider while choosing a ring band: its metal type and style.  

i) Band Metal Type

When it comes to choosing the type of metal band for a ring, you have four options: rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Century Diamonds also offers 10K, 14K, or18k gold. Types of gold should be decided based on preferences. If she has white gold jewelry, match it with the white gold or platinum diamond engagement ring. Platinum is more costly than gold as it is pure and hypoallergenic So if your significant other is sensitive to gold, then you should  consider a platinum band. 

ii) Style Or Design of The Metal Band 

With an engraved, twisted, or braided metal band, you can make your ring more elegant. A metal band with a more intricate design will cost more, but more eye-catchy. If you are looking to save on the cost, you can have a simple yet elegant ring by choosing a basic metal band.

Step 4: Add Sparkle And Strength With A Perfect Setting  

How the solitaire will appear on the ring is one of the most critical decisions. Like choosing the band, the style of the setting should also be chosen based on the diamond’s cut. The setting is responsible for holding the solitaire and should be chosen wisely, as it can affect  how the ring looks and the amount of sparkle. 

For instance, a prong setting will make a solitaire sparkle more compared to other settings, because it reflects more light through the diamond. Likewise, the bezel setting surrounds the solitaire with the metal and invokes the strength to the ring. The halo surrounds the solitaire with more diamonds and makes it more dazzling. There are a few other intricate settings available that could give a unique style to your engagement ring, be creative

&nbspStep 5: Don’t Forget To Know Her Preferences

An important factor to consider is what she likes and doesn’t. The purpose of buying an engagement ring is to make your wife-to-be happy, and therefore we want to make sure she likes your gift or surprise.

Here are some tips that will guide you on how to figure out what she likes, without ruining the surprise:

  • Keenly observe her choice: is she attracted to a simple and elegant item, or she is more fascinated by marvelous things? You can apply the same options to a ring purchase
  • Take her old ring for size, or you can ask her friends as well
  • Ask her friends about what she likes most
  • If it is not a surprise, you can show her a few styles at
  • Century Diamonds 
  • to see her preferences
  • You can also propose with an artificial ring and change it with her choice of a diamond ring
  • If she wants something different, don’t stress, these decisions are hard, and we know this, that’s why Century Diamonds offers a lifetime exchange policy. So you can always exchange the ring to something more to her liking

Step 6: Consider A Wedding Ring As Well 

You must consider that the engagement ring will be carried out with a wedding ring after marriage. You must find one that can go with the wedding band. 

Mainly, a simple band style with a beautiful solitaire goes with any wedding band, on the other hand, a fancy band would be difficult to wear with the wedding band. You must be wise to choose a perfect one while keeping the wedding band in mind.

 Step 7: Check Certifications of The Jeweler

To check out the trust factor of an online as well as retail jeweler, you must check out its certification. It is a mark that you are buying through a trustworthy merchant, and you could be assured of the quality and price of the product you get. Century Diamonds uses GGS to certify each and every natural diamond.

Go ahead and choose the

perfect engagement ring for your love.

Take a look at a finest collection of diamond solitaire engagement ring at Century Diamonds.

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