Find her ring size without her knowing

If you need to find that special someone’s ring size without ruining the surprise, read the tips below and she won’t suspect a thing:

  • Borrow a ring – Can you get a hold of a ring that your girlfriend already wears on the intended ring finger? Print this PDF document and follow the instructions outlined in Method 1 – 
  • Century Diamonds Ring Sizer
  • Ask a friend – Ask one of the close friends or family member of your significant other. If they don’t already know, you may be able to obtain them as an accomplice. Have someone take your significant other window shopping for a ring and get her to see what her ring size is for fun. Make sure her friend can keep a secret!
  • When in doubt – If you are in doubt, size up. A ring is easier to re-size if it is too big than small. We offer free resizing when you purchase your ring (up to 1 per year).
  • Tell her it’s for your mom, sister or friend – Tell her you are buying a ring for someone else and you want to get an estimated size for them. Have her try on a ring or ask her outright what her size is. This will be the riskiest of all the methods, and she may become suspect to your plot!

Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comment!

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