How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Band, Complementing The Engagement Ring


diamond engagement ring

is important for everyone. Likewise, a wedding band is equally crucial for them, and everyone wants to pick a beautiful wedding band to compliment the engagement ring. There are certain things you need to consider while choosing your wedding band. You also need to know the rule of thumb for wedding band shopping. Explore available options for wedding band shops to compliment your engagement ring. 

Choose A Perfect Diamond Wedding Band

An engagement ring should be the center of attention, as it symbolizes an important step in your life. On the other hand, you cannot ignore your wedding band, because it reflects your marriage. A

diamond wedding band

that will complement your engagement ring is not easy to pick, especially after getting the engagement ring of your dreams. Here are some pointers that will help you choose a classy wedding band that will complement the engagement ring:

Day-to-day life activities and longevity of the ring are important 

When choosing a design or metal type for a wedding ring, you should keep in mind that you are going to wear this ring daily for many decades. So mindfully pick one that can be a part of your life. 

If you go to an office daily, you might want to have a simple and sophisticated ring because a more complicated ring will not match the professionalism required in an office setting. Likewise, if you actively work with your hand, if you play musical instruments like the guitar, you will need a ring with a plain edge rather than a more delicate band; otherwise, you may have some challenges while playing. If you are super active, you will need a long-lasting and highly durable ring material. Thus, platinum will suit your requirements most.

Do mix-match with the metal types

There are certain things to consider when choosing an engagement ring. For example, should the metal be the same as your engagement ring? Or you want to match it with the groom’s ring? Most people like to match their rings in terms of metal and design, but it’s not a rule of thumb. If you wish, you can go for different metal and completely different styles in the wedding band. For instance, a big with the simple and plain white gold band can go with the criss-cross wedding band in rose gold. This will give a unique and sassy look to match a fitting personality.

You can put engagement and wedding rings on different fingers

Although it is traditional, it is not necessary to keep both rings on the same finger. You can slip your engagement ring to the left hand and save your right hand for a wedding ring. If you have decided to wear the engagement ring and wedding ring on a different finger, you can go with a more intricate wedding band. Otherwise, you can also go for stackable diamond rings; it will never go out of fashion.

Shop both rings together

In order to match the wedding and engagement rings and save time, most people buy both rings together. You can also consider a set of a trio that will also include a groom’s ring to match the styles. Century Diamonds often has package deals that will give you a significant cost saving by purchasing sets or adding on a matching wedding band.

The Rule of Thumb is There is No Rule of Thumb

These days, you can do mix-match colors, metals, and diamonds to give a unique and captivating look. All in all, there is no rule of thumb for choosing a wedding band. You can pick any band that suits your preference and carry them wisely.

Find your favorite wedding bands at Century Diamonds out of a variety of wedding band styles:

  1. Pave Wedding Band

The pave wedding band is a timeless choice. It is a setting of diamonds along with the band in which metal beads or prongs are almost invisible between the diamond. This beautiful band can be paired with an engagement ring of any design and style. 

  1. Twisted Wedding band

As its name reflects, a twisted or braided band along with diamonds is enough to capture anyone’s eyes. Also, it can be coupled with a variety of engagement rings. An engagement ring with a pear-shaped solitaire and the plain metal band will look amazing with a twisted ring. A stack of twisted and plain bands can never go out of trend. 

  1. Chevron Wedding band

Chevron wedding band follows the structural design of marquise or pear. It is a V-shaped and pointed wedding band. One can pair it with a pear-shaped engagement ring as nesting style or keep its pointed part outside to give a classy look. 

  1. Channel Set wedding band

A channel setting band is similar to the Pave but with thicker metal that surrounds the diamond line of the band to secure them. It doesn’t have prongs to hold the diamonds and thus gives a snag-free look. This wedding band will look amazing with the engagement ring of similar types of band. It can also go with the simplesolitaire engagement ring. Century diamond offers a set of channel setting engagement rings and wedding bands to avoid any inconvenience of buying it individually.

  1. Flat wedding band

A flat band can easily stay under the raised solitaire of the engagement ring and gives a simple and elegant look. Also, it works well for those who are working because a simple design helps them to be active with a minimal look. You can also mix and match with color and metal types to give a unique and contemporary look. For instance, a rose gold flat wedding band will look good with the platinum or white gold engagement ring.

  1. Custom design wedding band

A custom design wedding ring is something that would add a personalized touch to your engagement ring, and make it extra special. It can be customized to fit the personality of the person wearing it. Make a contoured or notched ring to complement your engagement ring, or you can go with the ring enhancer that will enhance the overall look of your engagement ring.

There are tons of solitaire diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to shop. Check out the latest designs at

Century Diamonds.

If you are not sure what to pick and you have an amazing idea on your mind, you can also go for a custom-designed ring or band.

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