Ring Do’s and Don’ts

Follow these helpful tips and tricks to know how to keep your ring maintainted after your purchase

  • DO INSURE YOUR RING. Claim your ring on your insurance policy. The certification we provided will be valid with your insurer. Contact us if you have any trouble.
  • DON’T REMOVE YOUR RING IN PUBLIC. Taking your ring off at the office or while washing hands in a public restroom is an easy way to lose your ring.
  • DON’T LEAVE YOUR RING IN SOMEONE ELSE’S POSSESION. Only leave your ring in someone else’s possession if you are directly supervising the person. Diamonds may be easily swapped out in a matter of seconds and the average consumer wouldn’t notice.
  • DO KEEP YOUR RING CLEAN, but don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaners; this can damage it. Take advantage of our lifetime warranty we provide and have us power clean your ring free of charge; it will look brand new. See our warranty for details.
  • When cleaning or touching harsh chemicals such as bleach, cleansers or other cleaning agents. This can dull the ring and harm precious stones permanently. We also recommend not wearing your ring while doing the dishes.
  • When playing sports, at the gym, at the beach, in a chlorine or chemically treated pool, in the ocean, or other strenuous activities. Holding a tennis racket or lifting weights can be highly hazardous to a ring. You also wouldn’t want to bang your diamond against a dumbbell or other object.
  • When working heavily with your hands. It is possible to chip your diamond or knock the setting loose while doing heavy yardwork for example.
  • DON’T PUT YOUR RING THROUGH NEEDLESS WEAR AND TEAR. Contrary to popular belief, diamonds can chip or crack. Be sure not to knock it against other hard materials. This can also damage or loosen a prong and cause a diamond to fall out.
  • DO UTILIZE OUR LIFETIME WARRANTY. Send your ring to us once a year so we may clean, maintain, and inspect your ring. This is vital to ensure there are no hairline cracks in the settings. See our warranty for details.
  • DO KEEP IT CLEAR FROM LOTION, SUNSCREEN AND PERFUME. These products can gunk up your diamond and/or loosen a smaller diamond from its prongs.

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