An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment between two people. It is the most precious piece of jewelry of anyone’s life and everyone wants to pick the perfect piece to show their love. Engagement rings are available in plenty of designs, colors, shapes, and materials. Most people get confused as to which one would be the perfect engagement ring. So we are helping you to choose the perfect one by introducing you to the

latest diamond engagement ring trends. 

  1. Yellow Gold and Rose Gold Are Taking Over the White Gold

Coveted as well as classic yellow gold gives a stunning vintage look and feel to any ring. A classic yellow gold, when combined with the most beautiful piece of white diamond, perfectly satisfies the beauty of a woman. The subtle and sweet hue perfectly complements any skin and is thus gaining huge popularity among ladies as opposed to traditional metals. This metal oozes romance from each angle. The romantic nature of diamond ring coupled with rose gold certainly would make it invaluable in the future.

  1. Fancy Shapes Complement Every Finger

A traditional round cut diamond no doubt looks stunning and elegant but the modern age is more about fancy shapes and cut. Oval, cushion cut, pear shape, halo cut are paving their way into the mainstream of engagement ring trends. Brides are loving these fancy shaped diamonds that add a sense of individuality to their ring.

A halo cut makes the stone appear larger and adds extra sparkle to the ring. Single as well as double halo, pear, oval, and marquise shapes are trending. Cushion cut diamonds and floral accent to the rings will multiply your love. 

  1. Vintage Cut Is Timeless 


diamond engagement ring 

are timeless and glamorous. They are romantic and speak of the everlasting love. If you want something unique and traditional, vintage is the style for you.

  1. Colored Stones Are Attracting Women of This Era

Fashionistas of these days now prefer colored stones over diamonds such as garnets, amethysts, rubies, tourmalines, sapphires, etc.  These colored stones give a new, interesting, and alluring look to any ring. From dark to bright, every shade of color is ready to add a color of love to your life. 

  1. Unique Style of Band Attracts All Eyes

Couples diamond eternity bands are together giving a great way to show your love and commitment to your future better half. A surge in this trend has been seen in which a unique style of the band is taking the place of traditional single and plane bands. Now lines of the diamonds can be used instead of a straight band. Also, a twisted band is trending nowadays. People are also mixing various metal colors to create unique stackable bands that veer from traditional rings.

  1. 3 Stone Engagement Ring 

Traditionally people used to go for three-stone rings that signify that past, present, and future of the couple donning it. The center stone has a couple of diamonds or gemstones on each side. Couples are now following the same trend with a fancy spin of their own. Pears, trillians, and baguettes are being used as side stones to give a modern look to this timeless engagement ring.

  1. Rings With 360 Degree Views

Are you tired of the

engagement rings

that just look beautiful on the top? Do you wish to see details on the side of your ring as well? Then rings with a 360-degree view are perfect for you. The ring comes up with elaborate detail that adds another dimension to the ring with their breathtaking designs.

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