Backing Type Guide

Screw Backing (Recommended)

Screw backing earrings, as the name implies, work with a post that is threaded, like a screw. The back is gently screwed onto these ridges for a slip-proof, tight fit. While these are one of the more secure varieties of earring back, the threaded post may be less comfortable for those with sensitive ears. Although they offer the extra bit of security, if you like switching your earrings every day, these earring backs are slightly more time-consuming to remove and put on however will give you great security.

Push/Friction Backing

Push backing earrings, also known as friction backing earrings is the most common type of earring back. It consists of a small metal piece that is simply pushed onto the earring post behind the earlobe and is held in place by friction. Although easy to remove and good for simple, everyday earrings, these are not a good choice for more valuable diamond earrings. Over time, this back can gradually loosen and slide down the post, potentially falling off and allowing the earring to slip off your ear. Heavier earrings may put pressure on the back, pressing them uncomfortably against the delicate skin of the earlobe. Finally, if your earring is pulled or jerked with enough force, the friction back can pop right off, allowing the earring to come off as well.

Push Lock/Friction Lock/La Poussette Backing

Push lock backings sometimes referred to as friction lock or la poussette backings, are a mechanical earring back that offers the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and security. They consist of a flat metal backing with two tiny clutches, one on each side, the earring back remains securely in place until you gently squeeze the two clutches to release it. Unlike the friction back, the la poussette cannot gradually loosen with wear and cannot slide off if the earring is pulled. Additionally, the post used with this earring back type has a small groove towards the end that makes it extremely unlikely that the earring could slide off by accident. However, when you do want to remove the earring, the process is as simple and quick as if it were a friction back. For heavy earrings, the la poussette style earring back also prevents drooping by holding the earring comfortably snug against the ear. Since this earring back style is considerably more expensive to produce, we generally only recommend them with higher priced items. Please note push lock backings take us an extra 1-2 business days to process and produce for your order.

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