Setting Type Guide

The less prongs you have the more of the diamond is exposed causing your diamond to look bigger and more light to come in to make your diamond shine, however it will be less secure. The more prongs you have the more secure your diamond will be if one of those prongs happen to break, but it will cause your diamond to appear smaller and darker. Read the full details below.


Available as a selection on our round cut classic solitaire rings. The prongs on a six-prong head are a little bit thinner than those on a four prong head. That’s just because there are more of them and they all have to merge into the base of the head. Six prongs do cover up more of the diamond. And if you have a small diamond, you may have a hard time seeing the diamond through those prongs. Six prongs block a lot of light entering the diamond and also make it harder to clean underneath the diamond.

Six-prongs are safer than a four prong setting! With six prongs, if a prong happens to break, you will still have five more prongs holding your diamond in the mounting. With four prongs, if you break your prong off, the diamond is likely to fall out. Keep in mind your lifetime warranty will cover a broken prong, but not a lost diamond. Six prongs will make your diamond look smaller and darker, but when looking at the ring straight on, it does keep your round diamond looking round.


Available as selections on our round cut classic solitaire rings and round cut diamond stud earrings. When you look at a four prong head, the prongs grasp the outer edges of the diamond and gently bend over the top of the crown holding the diamond down. The four prongs are equally spaced apart. They give your round diamond a more square look. For a detailed comparison for solitaire rings please read the six-prong section above. For a detailed comparison to earrings please keep reading below.

3-Prong (Martini)

Available as a selection our classic diamond stud earrings. Our three-prong Martini-style settings afford the best fit on an ear without making your ear sag on heavier diamonds. The diamonds are set low in the basket, to pull the center of gravity back toward the ear lobe. The three prong settings also afford a more elegant look, because there is less metal on the top and sides to obstruct the beauty of your diamond – this will give the diamond more shine. Our four-prong Basket-style settings afford a great fit as well with minimal ear sagging. The diamonds are set lower in the basket than most other basket-settings. This pulls the center of gravity back toward the ear lobe, so the diamond stays flat against the ear when worn. The four prong setting will also add a bit of security however with both settings if one prong happens to break off, the diamond is likely to fall out and be lost. 

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